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Recipe: Holiday Gingerbread Tags

Recipe: Holiday Gingerbread Tags

Child stringing together gingerbread tags onto a candy-striped ribbon.

In addition to allowing us inside her beautiful Farmhouse and cozy Coffee Shop in Monroeville, Ohio, Jessica Wasserman showed us how to make these delicious-smelling holiday gingerbread tags. Check out the recipe below!

What You’ll Need:

• Cookie cutters

• Mixing bowl

• Pencil

• Ribbons

• Rolling pin

• White chalk pen

• ¾ cup apple sauce

• 4 oz. ground cinnamon

• 2 Tbsp. white liquid glue

• Cloves

• Ginger

• Nutmeg

What You’ll Do:

1. Mix apple sauce, ground cinnamon and white liquid glue together in a bowl. Add a dash of cloves, ginger and nutmeg, and mix until you have a soft dough.

2. Roll out the dough and make sure it’s not too thin.

3. Use your holiday cookie cutters to create gingerbread men or other festive shapes.

4. Use a pencil to poke holes in each cookie for your ribbons.

5. Leave the cookies on the counter for a couple of days to dry. Flip them every day.

6. Cut 6-8 inch pieces of ribbon and thread through each hole.

7. Use a white chalk pen to label the gingerbread tags.

Friendly Reminder:

These might smell delicious, but the gingerbread tags are not edible.

See Jessica’s historic farmhouse decorated for the holidays.

See inside Lyn Marie’s Coffee shop, run by Jessica and her sister Stephanie.

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