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Set a Magically Elegant Halloween Tablescape

Set a Magically Elegant Halloween Tablescape

Candles floating over the elegant halloween tablescape add to the magic and mystery of the setting.

Romantic details add a vintage look to this elegant Halloween tablescape. Follow along as I help you create the perfect magical mood for your next Halloween gathering by using scattered book pages, heirloom silver, mysterious candlelight and fairytale creatures.

An elegant halloween tablescape set with vintage plates, book pages, silver goblets and other magical elements.
Dazzle everyone’s senses by creating a table filled with all the wonder and mystery that celebrates the tradition of Halloween.

Scattered Book Pages

Aged pages are torn from a tattered book to create an effortless-looking table runner your guests will be sure to love. Start with a piece of contact paper slightly longer than your table, and then adhere your book pages in a scattered pattern to become the foundation of your spooky table setting. I like the pages to drape over each end of the table.

Piles of antique books can then be added on top of the book page runner, and are perfect for layering the rest of your Halloween accents on. Vary the placement of the books and even open up a few to reveal your favorite stories and illustrations.

Silver goblets add a magical touch to this elegant halloween tablescape.
Indulge your guests with lovely details like silver goblets and pretty hydrangeas. The elegant theme of this party will surely put everyone in the perfect Halloween mood.

Silver Treasures

Heirloom silver with a bit of tarnish adds to the mystical Halloween mood. At this table, each guest will have the pleasure of drinking from a silver goblet and enjoy the flickering candlelight from the silver candlesticks and antique candelabras in the room.

Stacks of vintage books add whimsey to the tables' decor and height to it's centerpieces
Piles and piles of vintage books work perfectly to elevate our vintage silver vessels that are filled with succulents.

Succulents and Spanish Moss

Potions and magical herbs are a big part of the folklore of Halloween, so here we’ve captured the essence of an old-fashioned conservatory with the use of succulents and Spanish moss tucked in and around the books. Their muted colors work perfectly with this elegant Halloween mood, and the final addition of gorgeous dried hydrangea blooms finish off the old-fashioned look.

Book pages make a magical table runner for elegant Halloween table decor.
A table runner created from book pages elegantly drapes over each end of the table and forms the foundation for all of our Halloween décor.

Spooky Creatures

Wise old owls and cute little frogs prove to be the perfect curious creatures at this magical table. Fairy tales are full of these fanciful critters, and their somewhat spooky nature makes them perfect for this setting.

Vintage cabbageware plates layered over black and white transferware plates.
Collecting pretty plates is even more fun when you can set a lovely table with them. Here we’ve chosen versatile transferware and cabbageware plates.

Soft Colors 

As you can see, the mood of this table is enhanced by the soft colors of all our tableware and accessories.  Black and white transferware plates complement our scattered book pages, and green cabbageware plates vibe perfectly with the succulents and the soft green and white pumpkins on the table.

Candles floating over the elegant halloween tablescape add to the magic and mystery of the setting.
Floating candles lit above the dinner table add to the mystery and magic of Halloween.


It’s fun to surprise your guests with subtle details that they may not catch right away. The magic of candles floating over the table is easily achievable with battery-powered tapers and a little fishing line. These floating candles easily attach to the ceiling with conventional thumb tacks.

Elegant sideboard display with mirror, silver candlesticks and pumpkins
The theme of our Halloween dinner party continues at the sideboard which displays a pair of beautiful antique candelabras, stacks of beloved books and unique pumpkins.

Setting the Mood

The key to setting a mysterious mood at your party is to dazzle all of our senses. The right mood is created by how we feel, not just by what we see. At this dinner party, there are scattered references to everybody’s favorite boy wizard, Harry Potter. These details are subtle; here to enhance the magic of the mood and add a bit of family-friendly fun. See if you can spot them in this elegant Halloween tablescape!

Crafting beautiful tablescapes is one of Fabiana’s many talents and passions. She regularly shares her inspiring designs on her blog, Ciao! Newport Beach and on Instagram.

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