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Rockin’ Around the Vintage Garland

Rockin’ Around the Vintage Garland

Vintage garland made out of plastic beads shaped like peppermints, candy canes and fruit loop cereal pieces.

Every Christmas, families pull out their most beloved tree ornaments. Some are heirlooms, some are handmade and others are just pretty to look at. With mugs of hot chocolate at hand, they celebrate the season by decorating the tree together. This year, complement your favorite Christmas tree decorations with flea market flavor by twisting in a vintage garland.

That’s right! We went on Etsy to find the most magical and cheerful vintage garland for your tree. Not only are vintage garlands chic and unique, but their historical value adds another magical chapter to the story of your tree. So refill your hot chocolate and pop in a peppermint—it’s time for our top garland picks!

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