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Craft Your Own Handmade Christmas Ornaments

Craft Your Own Handmade Christmas Ornaments

Written by Kristin Dowding

Day 1: O Christmas Tree!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the task of Christmas decorating, a good place to start is the tree! And what’s a Christmas tree without ornaments? Add a personal touch to your tree this year with handmade ornaments made from wooden spools. Here’s how you can make them yourself!

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All the items you'll need to make wooden spool handmade ornaments. Including wooden spools, patterned paper, trim, and chenille pipe cleaner

What You’ll Need

Handmade ornament materials, cut to size and arranged.

Step 1: Cut Materials to Size

Choose which paper and ribbon you’d like to use to decorate your first batch of handmade ornaments and cut them to fit around a single spool. Choose coordinating colors from the paper, trim and lace.

Step 2 of handmade craft tutorial, layering the trim over the wooden craft spool

Step 2: Layer and Secure

Next, layer your materials on the spool in the pattern you want. Play around with the design until you’re sure you like it! Then secure the material to the spool with hot glue and hold in place for five seconds while it dries.

The finished handmade sewing spool ornament

Step 3: Attach Ribbon Loop and Hang!

Lastly, cut a piece of ribbon to use as a loop for hanging your handmade ornaments and attach it to the end of one spool with hot glue. Wait for it to dry and hang it on your tree!

Christmas wreath with vintage and handmade ornaments on it
Printable illustrations by Lauren Rebbeck.

Cookie Cutter Ornaments

Another fun and simple DIY ornament involves adding a colorful pattern to some cute cookie cutters. If you signed up for our 7 Days of Christmas Crafts newsletters, you’ll have this cookie cutter ornament printable pattern in your inbox! Simply trace your favorite cookie cutters onto the page, cut out the shape and glue the paper to the back of the cookie cutter.

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