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Upcycled Wrapping Paper Ideas

Upcycled Wrapping Paper Ideas

Written by Kristin Dowding

Day 2: Wrap It Up

There’s no better feeling than presenting someone a gift you were able to put some thought into. First impressions count, and the first thing your loved one will see is how their gift is presented, rather than the gift itself. Even if you’re lacking on time, there are ways to make your gift look like you put in some effort with simple upcycled wrapping paper.

Instead of upcycled wrapping paper, you can use an upcycled box! Paint it with a cute pattern such as Christmas lights to make it an appealing gift wrap option.

Does the gift receiver love music? Wrap their present in vintage sheet music paper. Is the present awkwardly-shaped? Use some leftover fabric to cover the object without dealing with complex folds and tears. 

The options are endless, so we gathered a list of our favorite upcycled wrapping paper ideas to help you prep for gift giving this Christmas.

Photo courtesy of The DIY Mommy.

Vintage Map

If you have a friend that loves to travel, turn vintage maps into wrapping paper for their gift! If they have a favorite country they love to visit, make it visible on the front of the gift to personalize it.

Photo courtesy of A Creative Mint.

Holiday Shopping Bags

Some grocery stores, like Trader Joe’s, offer holiday-themed paper bags at checkout. Their adorable designs make a great upcycled wrapping paper option! Simply embellish with colorful Washi tape, string and gift tags to finish the look.

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Joan Designs.

Vintage Book Paper

This option is perfect for smaller gifts if you want to wrap them in the traditional manner. But if you’re willing to get creative, you can decoupage a larger box to get the same effect. Use your loved one’s favorite book or choose dictionary paper and highlight the words that best describe them.

Photo courtesy of Those Northern Skies.

Colorful Handkerchief

Fabric is a great alternative to paper, because the wrapping becomes part of the gift! Whether it’s a vintage handkerchief or a scarf, a simple knot will secure the present and leave the gift receiver with two presents in one.

Photo courtesy of Upcycle That.

DIY Magazine Paper Bow

Lastly, if you need embellishments for your gift, save your money and create this bow made from magazine paper! All it takes is one page, a pair of scissors and tape to make a unique bow for your personalized package. For the full tutorial, visit Upcycle That.

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