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Take Notes! This Is How To Blend Diverse Decor Styles

Take Notes! This Is How To Blend Diverse Decor Styles

Sputnik chandelier above a Mid Century Modern table with a yellow tablecloth
Written by Sarah Yoon
Photography by Bret Gum
Styling by Karen Wilhelmsen

At first glance, you may notice Mid Century Furniture or a gallery wall of vintage paintings, but look closer. The Vallely family has invited inspiration, ingrained passion and instilled vision into their southern California home. Their aesthetic goes beyond décor; it’s a glimpse into an entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Every family has a variety of tastes, and the Vallelys let their different preferences shine by including a wide range of styles. The feminine and masculine, classic and pop elements all work together, unifying the diversity rather than letting one element dominate the other.

All in the Family

Ann Vallely and her daughter Emily sell antiques at the Long Beach, California, antiques shop Magnolia and Willow, while Emily and her sister Lucy run a blog called The Vintage Vegans online. “I feel that being vegan and loving vintage go hand in hand for us because we try to live a zero-waste and environmentally friendly lifestyle,” Emily says. The Vallelys incorporate their values through their collections, making the home a conduit for their personalities and passions.

Ann and Emily use color effectively, with sea-green and warm brown trinkets decorating the shelves; but that doesn’t keep them from busting out with a large Rocky poster. Pairing delicate and bold elements side by side like globes, vintage alarm clocks and porcelain cat statues makes for a playful and personal look.

“My husband, Mike, has always sought to surround himself with inspiration,” Ann says. “These are objects that have been meaningful in his life, and so having them on our walls is a sort of daily accounting of what inspires him and what he values.”

“Music definitely inspires the style of our home,” Ann says. A portrait of Morrissey hangs over the fireplace, above a collection of delicate McCoy vases and antique cameras. In this sitting room, KISS busts hang above the arcade games and by a pinball machine for a mix of masculine and feminine.

Each family member has space for expression, from Mike’s skateboards and music memorabilia to Lucy’s penchant for the ’60s and ’70s. They decorate with the decades in mind, mixing styles and colors as their imagination leads them.

This gives the home a Bohemian feel, where they buck tradition and keep a sense of discovery flowing from room to room. “It is a place where we all feel at home, and it truly represents all of our personalities,” Ann shares.

An English roll arm sofa upholstered in camel colored velvet adds a touch of tradition to the rock-and-rock vintage vibe.

Practically Perfect in Every Way

Ann and Emily have created an aesthetic that showcases eccentricity at its best. But they don’t go in just for looks; their collections are used daily. “I really try to buy things that will be practical in my life or bring me joy,” Emily says. She finds creative ways to save space and organize her displays, ensuring that the beauty around her has a positive place in her life.

Like Emily’s style? Get a look inside her own apartment here!

Ann adds, “We always have old music and jazz playing in the house, especially while I’m cooking and cleaning.” Both mother and daughter tap into the energy of music and art to give their home a life of its own.

A lemon-yellow vintage tablecloth and a sputnik chandelier go to show that the Vallely family isn’t afraid to have fun with their décor. They also regularly use their collection of McCoy pottery vases, Colony Park Lane amber and blue glassware, Pyrex and Fire King when entertaining.

The Vintage Lifestyle

Curating collections into stunning displays takes a balance of creative intuition and design know-how. When you love art, space can quickly become a scarce commodity. “I’ve made the most of a small space by turning all of my walls into gallery walls; it’s not for everyone, but I love the look of it,” Emily says. Read on for Emily Vallely’s tips to curate beautiful yet practical collections that enrich your daily life!

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