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Should You Take a Bag or Cart to the Flea Market?

Should You Take a Bag or Cart to the Flea Market?

This yellow canvas bag is perfect for the flea market because of its thick straps and two outer pockets with flaps for extra storage.

You never know what treasures will wink at you as you wander down the aisle of a flea market. So chances are, you’ll probably end up needing more than just your two arms to carry all those vintage goods home. But which do you take—the bag or cart? One swings and one rolls, but both will save you time and energy.

To help you out, we made up a pros and cons list. As you read, think about the space and kinds of products at your local flea market. Then you can decide which option is best for you!


Why go with neutral colors? Because they go with everything. These spacious bags have the space you need to bring home more flea market treasures with you. Photo courtesy of KrisWorksCo via Etsy.


  • Allows to you shop hands-free.
  • Great for lightweight items.
  • Easy to personalize with decals, markers and paint.
  • Can be rolled up for small storage spaces.
  • A small investment.


  • May not be ideal for those prone to shoulder pain.
  • Fabric totes will not fully protect your items from wet weather.
  • The flexible fabric bottom makes it a little trickier to stack and organize objects.

Here are a few bag options for your next trip:

The real upside to this sprightly tote is the extra storage. Transfer your hand sanitizer, phone and purse items to the two outer pockets for extra space in the bag. Photo from KrisWorksCo via Etsy.
This canvas bag is off-white with black straps and one outside pocket for extra storage, which has a personalized floral letter decal attached.
This personalized bag comes with an outside pocket in which to tuck away a notepad or cell phone. Photo courtesy of PersonalizedByQueen via Etsy.


This folding bag cart has more flexibility than a box cart and is made with waterproof material to protect sensitive items. Photo courtesy of Amazon.


  • A rolling cart protects your shoulders from the strain of a bag strap.
  • Great for heavier items.
  • Waterproof carts with lids will protect your items from wet weather.
  • Collapsible carts fold up to use less space.
  • Some carts can be locked.


  • May be less suited for some terrains and tight spaces.
  • The hard frame of the cart inevitably takes up more space than a bag.
  • A larger investment.
  • The close proximity to the ground creates a higher risk of getting kicked or tipped over.

Here are a few cart options for your next trip:

This canvas-box, metal-framed cart has treaded wheels and an extendable handle to make heavy items more travel-friendly.
This heavy duty shopping cart can be folded to reduce its bulk in storage space. Carts like these are ideal for items that are too heavy to carry. Photo courtesy of Amazon.
Bag or cart? This option combines them both into a brown and pink floral zipper bag that has wheels and an extendable handle.
This rolling bag cart gives you the flexibility and storage compartments of a shoulder bag without having to carry it. It even has a zipper to safely seal your chosen goods inside. Photo courtesy of Amazon.

So now you have all the pros and cons between bags and carts. What’s your preference? Tell us in the comments!

What else should you bring with you to the flea market? Check out this post for the complete list! Of course, don’t forget to follow our FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest for some fresh flea market inspiration!

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