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Protect Your Vintage Ornaments

Protect Your Vintage Ornaments

glass ornaments in a green vintage tin
Written by Kristin Dowding

Day 6: Storage With Care

Have you ever brought out your holiday storage boxes and excitedly opened up the lid only to find that some of your prized ornaments had shattered?

Ornaments can be the most fragile of Christmas décor, and as such, they need the proper care and protection to maintain their condition. Especially when there’s a vintage collection that would be difficult or impossible to replace, it’s important that you feel confident about the way your ornaments are stored.

vintage ornaments hanging on a pink tree

But ornament protectors can get pricey, so we’ve rounded up our favorite budget-friendly ornament storage options that you can make yourself to keep your ornaments safe as they’re nestled and snug in their off-season beds.

colorful crate ornament storage

Colorful Crate

Ornament storage can be both functional and beautiful! PMQ For Two shows how to combine the two with this DIY crate storage option.

ornaments in a DIY storage box made with cups

Plastic Cups

A simple ornament storage option involves a plastic bin, cardboard and plastic cups. Each ornament gets its own compartment, and they’re easily stackable. Check out Living Well Mom for more!

cardboard separators for an ornament storage box

Cardboard File Box

If you want to make your own ornament storage box out of cardboard, here’s a tutorial by Midwood Design Studio.

ornaments in an apple container for storage

Apple Container

For round ornaments, consider a plastic apple container! It’s free if you were already planning to buy apples, and it doesn’t require assembly. Photo courtesy of Make Life Lovely.

vintage ornaments with small baggies

Soft Bags

Hello Glow suggests keeping any special bags your ornaments may come in for optimal protection. You can always purchase small bags to keep your ornaments separate if they didn’t come with any, but that can get expensive quickly depending on the size of your collection. We suggest saving this option for your most prized pieces.

ornaments in a drink holder

Drink Holder

Containers such as drink holders and take-out boxes make great ornament storage options in a pinch. You most likely get one when you go to Starbucks or any fast food chain, so you can save them for your storage needs at no extra cost! Photo courtesy of Sew Many Ways.

Storage boxes with printable labels
If you signed up for our 7 Days of Christmas Crafts, these free storage label printables are waiting in your inbox! Printable illustration by Lauren Rebbeck. If you want to print the labels on stickers, they’re compatible with Avery template 5163.

If you didn’t catch our post on rejuvenating old frames into holiday art, click here. And see our checklist below for a glimpse at what’s coming next!

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