Create a Vintage Vanity


It is a room built for one, unapologetically feminine, with the objective to make you look beautiful and feel relaxed. A woman’s vanity is a private retreat that she can call her own. Create your vanity with a vintage look by taking notes from this flea market and vintage-styled escape. 


vintage vanity

For a vintage vanity, combine your favorite flea market finds for a fun and casual spot perfect for getting ready.


Today’s vanity only requires limited space, where most of its intimate detailing will happen on the vanity table. This is where accents are the main stars—whatever appears feminine is considered.


Like finding the time to read a book on a chaotic day, Eliza Price found a space in a small bathroom. A diminutive table is inserted into the wall, while delicate pieces are plentiful on its surface. Her necessities are organized in vintage-style buckets, also filled with hand towels and books. All pieces share a vintage theme and design, while Marc Jacobs’ Daisy deliciously scented perfume, packaged in its iconic bottle, pulls you into an inherent part of a modern girl’s beauty regiment. A large floral-painted mirror connects this convivial gathering.


Make an equally fantastic spot for your morning routine with just a few simple details. Here is all you will need:

  • A table (something vintage will give personality to your dressing area)
  • Large mirror, small magnifying mirror optional
  • Tray for perfumes
  • Bins or baskets for make up and lotions
  • Good lighting
  • Fun accents

Put your personal stamp on your vanity by combining your favorite feminine details with vintage accents and pretty perfume bottles.


By Jacqueline DeMontravel and Sarah Jane O’Keefe

Photos by Jaimee Itagki


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