5 Tips for Fall Collection Displays

Learn how to usher the warmth of autumn into your home by decorating with beloved family heirlooms.


Audrey Heredia and her daughter, Vivian, co-owners of the McCharles House Cultural Center and Venue in Historic Tustin, California, love decorating their family home with an earthy, organic, vintage flair. Their Tustin cottage constantly undergoes redecorating to mirror each upcoming holiday and season.


While Audrey returns from the farmer’s market with fresh pumpkins and cornstalks to decorate their cottage for Halloween, she loves personalizing their decor with family heirlooms, rearranged just for fall.


“My decorating style is very eclectic,” Audrey says.



Fall Collection Displays

Filled with an array of family treasures and decorations from the garden, Audrey also showcases her original art in her kitchen. Propped up on an easel near the window is her oil painting, “Remember When.” (Photo by Mark Tanner)


Here’s how you can get Audrey and Vivian’s look in your own home:


1. Group flea market finds by type: Note that the Heredias have grouped their plate collection along the wall above the window and square-shaped artwork in the right-hand corner above the side table. Since the dishes are permanently on display, arranging them so that they are visibly separated from the rest of the space enables them to mesh with the Heredia’s ever-changing seasonal decor.

2. Choose multi-function furniture: When you’re shopping at a flea market, keep your eyes open for pieces like the white side table, which could function as a night stand, but here does double-duty as extra kitchen storage and extra office/painting storage. Dressing up the side table with vintage spoons for drawer pulls gives the space a quirky flair. The table’s white color fades nicely into the backdrop of this colorful fall space.

3. Display your own work: Make your space personal by displaying not only your favorite flea market finds, but also paintings, photography or other artwork you have made yourself, whether seasonal or just spectacular. Who knows? Your painting might find its way to a flea market and be loved by another picker as “vintage” someday!

4. Incorporate fall colors in unexpected ways: The faux jack-o-lantern planter floats above the table for an eerie but comic touch, much like the creche paper spider that hangs above the table.


owl cookie jar

The owl cookie jar was the first item that Audrey bought with her very first paycheck when she was fifteen years old–and it was a gift for her mother! (Photo by Mark Tanner)


5. Swap out your kitchen accessories: Your generic white ceramic cookie jar, for instance, can take a break to make room for a vintage orange owl cookie jar, adding spunk and charm. Displaying your kitchen tools in an orange ceramic pot instead of an ordinary wood block is another great way to spice up your space for fall.


By Tiffany Lin

Tips by Elaine K. Phillips

Photography by Mark Tanner

Styled by Hillary Black



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