3 Ways to Use the Color Pink

If you’re having trouble using those flea market finds with bright colors, especially pink, here are a few tips. 1. Pink everywhere only works when it’s blended with other colors. Gray makes pink look softer, just as red … Continue reading

Use Artwork as Inspiration

If you’re having trouble finding a space for your flea market art, try using it as a starting point for your décor. Reflect what you find in the painting to create a space for these … Continue reading

Repurpose Old Windows & Doors

Sometimes finding a wonderful vintage door or window isn’t the problem—envisioning it in a new way is. If you find a cool old window frame but the glass is missing, don’t fret, they have many … Continue reading

3 Ways to Renew Your Favorite Flea Market Finds

Finding a new spot for an old piece can be like getting something new. Here are three easy ways to revive your finds. 1. Changing lampshades is an easy way to update favorite lamps.   … Continue reading

Throw an Easter Party That is Full of Personality

Easter is all about finding the right balance between beauty and tradition. The beauty is in the details, something hosting expert, Diane Sedo, encourages her clients to understand. In fact, she uses many of her … Continue reading

How to Style Open Kitchen Shelving

  Open kitchen shelving is more than a trend in kitchen design. This look has so many advantages, we can’t seem to find a reason not to give it a try. Here are our tips … Continue reading

DIY Cottage-Style Coasters

   Made from the simplest of supplies, these DIY coasters are something to toast about. Grab your favorite hankie and get started on a sweet craft that will bring a bit of cottage living to your … Continue reading

How to Negotiate

  The skill of negotiation belongs in every flea market shopper’s pocket. Whether you are trying to decorate on a budget, have limited cash or just like the thrill of a deal, negotiating the price … Continue reading

9 Tips for Bargain Hunting in Paris

  Hunting for the perfect piece and bartering down the price is a sharpened skill for many flea market fans. When traveling abroad these same skills may need a bit of tweaking, especially in the … Continue reading

How to Sell Online

  If you’re considering opening an online vendor, follow this advice from Lidy Baars, an online retailer at French Garden House, and Jeanne Connolly, indie redesigner of Vintage Renewal . Their tips will keep your buyers … Continue reading


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